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Reber Rock Farm

Created by : Racey

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Reber Rock Farm is an 120-acre draft powered farm on the southern edge of the Reber Valley in Essex, NY. Using a combination of draft horses and diesel power we produce a diversity of grassfed and pasture raised meats, small grains, vegetables, herbs, fruits, maple syrup, draft wood, shiitake mushrooms, and Suffolk Punch Draft horses. Our goal is to provide delicious, healthy, affordable food for the Essex foodscape and beyond. We work with draft horses because we believe their presence on the farm is good for the land, the air and our souls. Reber Rock is designed as a two-family farm, with the management and labor burden split across two couples, so that each can stay health and happy for many years to come.

We are a diversified farm, whose farmers seek a diversified livelihood. Our products and those of 10+ other local producers are available for sale year round in our Farm Store. Custom Meats can be ordered in the spring for delivery in the Fall. Forest Management services and Draftwood orders taken at any time. Suffolk Punch Draft horse sales upon availability. 2017 will be our fifth season on the farm.

We love grassfed beef. We love what cows do for the land, building soil organic matter and fertilizing as we rotate them through our fields. We love that they turn sun, in the form of grass, into a protein that we can consume, feed our kids and share with our community. We love the routine and rhythm of rotating them through the fields seeing which sun-carbon species they choose to eat and which they leave. We love that we sell out of beef each year.

We love grassfed beef. We love what cows do for the land, building soil organic matter and fertilizing as we rotate them through our fields.

After five seasons on the farm we’ve realized that grassfed beef is one of the most important enterprises on our farm because it strengthens our triple bottom line: helps our profit margins, keeps us happy, and builds biodiversity in our soil. And because of this, we want to grow it better. We want to invest in better cattle handling equipment so that we can regularly weigh our animals and see how they are growing in the most stress free, safe environment as possible ($1500 scale, $1500 squeeze shoot). These investments will save our two families and our employees time, reduce stress for animals and people, and lead to healthier grassfed beef for our customers.

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